Fresh fall looks: cardigan and pencil skirt

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2009 at 10:16 am

Looking at the fashion magazines and blogs, fall styles are everywhere.  The stores are slowly getting their annual stock of sweaters, cords and boots.  Here is a look that I’ve seen that I think can work on a variety of body types:



Old Navy Plus                     Banana Republic

Cardigans are a fall staple, but this year I’m really loving the lengths available and the extra embellishments. Pencil skirts can be very figure flattering.  The best skirts will drape nicely, skimming off the hips easily and falling either just above or just below the knee.  Tailoring is important to fit your waist and to get the desired length.  Choosing a neutral colour (black, brown, khaki, navy and even grey) should provide maximum outfit potential.  I also wanted to point out the use of peep toe shoes in the pics, they seem to be in for fall and although I like the look, I’ve found that they just don’t look right on my wide width toes. Those with more slender feet should give them a try, but please don’t wear hose with them!

  1. I love this look. I’m very excited about Fall fashions this year – I’m considering treating myself to a cardigan twinset.

  2. My problem with the pencil skirt is if you have hips it always ends p bunchy somewhere, usually around the pockets. Advice? Love the neckline of the Old Navy top. I bought a few tanks this summer with that neckline and they work really well. Also, here, here on the no hose with open toes… WHY? Why do people insist on doing that!

  3. I think you’d find it very versatile Mare. I’d go for a jewel tone if I were you so it can transition into winter. And then you have an excuse to get a lighter brighter one in the spring, maybe one to replace your white sweater with the colorful embroidery.

    The best advice I can offer Al is to have it tailored. Buy it to fit your hips and have it taken in at the waist. Choosing one without pockets might help. My trick is to never show the waist, all of my tops are hip length so the waistband (and my insecure tummy) is covered 🙂

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