The coat quest continues…

In Fashion on August 19, 2009 at 12:19 pm

I was up early this morning and noticed that the penningtons website had been updated with 6 fall coats. I headed to the store and was really looking for the following trench coat:


They didn’t have it in yet, but have a shipment coming on Thursday. There was another coat there that I tried and liked (they don’t have it on the website yet) and I put it on hold. I figured since I was there I would try on some fall outfits and I ended up putting the following on hold til Friday:


Argyle sweater fooler that I have on hold in brown and blue.  Sweater is very lightweight, the fit was good and I think I liked the blue argyle the best as it had white and grey with it.


Straight leg pant on hold in grey and brown.  Matches with the sweaters and most of my pants right now are black so I need some variety.


Cute t-shirt that I have been watching now on sale.  The color I picked was black with red, grey and white accents.


The last shirt that I have on hold is not pictured on the website and this is the closest that I could find.  The draping is the same as this one and the gathering across the front is very flattering.  The actual one I have on hold is black with short sleeves and has buttons up the front.  Reminds me a bit of a tuxedo shirt, felt really nice on and would be a great layering piece.

So when I go back on Friday, what should I get?

  1. All items are great, do you have to choose? 😉 The trench is a must, it looks really nice. I’d go for the argyle sweater over the t-shirt, you’d get more use over the fall/winter. Pants are pretty definite, esp if you don’t have those colors. The tuxedo type shirt would be your splurge item, I’d say, if you had $ room.

  2. The argyle sweater would be good for work. But the t-shirt is pretty cute also… it depends on what you can afford, I guess.

    I want to get a cardigan twinset and a pair of work pants in grey for this year.

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