Coat quest completed!

In Uncategorized on August 26, 2009 at 6:18 pm

Mom, B and I took an impromptu shopping trip to Moncton on Monday. Monkeytown is still has the best retail in NB even though we’ve got many of the same stores. They have more stock, seem to get it in faster and sometimes get items that SJ never gets. Plus there’s Costco and the lunch/supper possibilities of the Keg, St Hubert, and El Stoppo Grande (aka the Silver Fox Irving Big Stop).

So I got the trench that I saw online.  They had just gotten it in that morning.  The love the fit, the length and the fabric does not feel like a garbage bag.


I also got the black with white trim 3 in 1 which is shorter than last year’s jacket.  But the fleece liner zipped out nicely and have been wearing the shell for the past few days.  There is a hood that zips into the collar.

Brown pants and also brown cords that are not on the website.  The cords need to be hemmed.

Brown argyle fooler and 2 tshirts in the fooler style (one in black and pink, the other in royal blue).


Mom also found a coat and some black pants.  All in all, it was a major shopping success!

  1. El Stoppo, El Stoppo Grande
    It’s the hottest spot north of Saint John – eh

    Glad you found your coat 🙂

  2. Yay for shopping success! Ugh now I have an overwhelming craving for Big Stop mashed potatoes… darn you… darn you to heck!

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