A working girl needs shoes

In Uncategorized on August 27, 2009 at 4:58 pm

I used to have a slight obsession with shoes.  In high school and early university my shoe size was a 6-6.5.  This meant that all major shoe sales would have dozens of stock left in my size.  I remember one trip to the mall in f’ton where I bought 8 pairs that evening.  I was challenged by a co-worker during one of my summer jobs for each of us to wear a different pair of shoes every day for the entire summer.  She only lasted 3 weeks 🙂  It probably helped that the summer job I had the previous summer was at a higher end shoe store where I bought at least one pair each and every pay cheque.

Close to the end of university while packing shoes up from one apt to another in f’ton, future hubby realized that I had over 100 pairs.  By this point my weight had changed and thus my shoe size went to a 7W-7.5W.  We donated the majority of the shoes and I have had to be a bit more discerning when shopping for my footwear.  Work shoes are a particular issue for me, as I cannot wear heels to teach my 4 classes a day.

Comfort is #1 but style is also important.  My first go to brand for work shoes is Clarks.  They make good quality shoes and the soles have cushion support.  Here are the styles I’m looking forward to seeing in our SJ stores:


  1. I love Clarks. My summer sandals are Indigo by Clarks. I love that last pair but I worry that the opening is too low for my foot. I can’t seem to wear any of the ballerina style shoes with a low opening because they make my feet look funny. I’ll need your shoe advice in Oct for a new everyday pair. I am THRILLED to see that ankle boots are in here for fall. YAY!

  2. The ballerina flats I have are pr!vo by clarks and are super comfy. I’ve had bad luck with other brands low opening rounded toe styles too as I do not believe in foot cleavage! Nearly every flat at Payless this past spring were shaped that way. I’m hoping for better luck this fall.

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