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I know I already bought black boots for fall…

In Fashion on September 10, 2009 at 11:27 pm

but I really, really like these:
They are wide width, with a wide boot shaft to fit my dancer calves and the heel is just the right height. Look at the great zipper that goes right to the footbed and the little stretch panel. $133 US is more than I usually spend… What do you all think?


Shopping state side

In Fashion on September 6, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Went on an impromptu drive to Calais, Me on Sat with Mom and B.  They had both just gotten their passports in the mail and wanted to get some groceries, so we made a day out of it.  Shopping wise Calais is very hit or miss, so I was pleased with what I found.

First stop was Mardens.  It’s a surplus and salvage shop selling everything you could think of.  Stock changes quickly so their slogan sure does apply, “I should have bought it, when I saw it, at Mardens”  ( I know many of you just sang that jungle in your head 🙂  Didn’t find anything in the clothing section, they did get a big shipment of leather jackets, but the only thing in my size was a weird cape.

The shoe department was much better and I tried on over 20 pairs.   I got 2 pairs of ballet flats: red sparkles and plaid purple, burgundy and brown patents.  I also made a major score on a pair of softwalk high heel loafers.  They are very comfy and I hope I’ll be able to wear them to work.  I’ll be trying them out his week so I’ll let you know if they are indeed and all day shoe for me.


Walmart was next and although they have not received all of their fall stock, I found 3 tops and 2 boyfriend cardigans. I had hoped to pick up one of these cardigans soon and think most of my gal friends will like this style. Its very retro, promotes comfort like a hoodie yet it is more stylish and most of all keeps you warm. These cardigans are long, have pockets and look good buttoned up or open like a jacket. I got one in chocolate brown and a mauve-pink shade. They match the bell sleeve tops I bought perfectly.


The ruffle shirt

In Trends on September 1, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Ruffles were very big in the early to mid 90s.  gr11Here I am with my bff Alison, who is sporting the big white ruffle way back in Sept 1993.  I also had a green silk shirt with ruffle collar that I wore all the time.

This fall, the ruffled shirt is all the rage.  I think it is important before you run out and grab one that you consider your body type to help determine how much of a ruffle you want and where you’d like the ruffle to be.

The following are some of the current ruffle offerings from j. crew, old navy and lane bryant:


I don’t really get the burgundy shoulder ruffle and the off white ruffles on the tummy look funny to me.

Smaller frame girls can work the tuxedo style chest ruffles.

A ruffle on the hem of the shirt can help create the illusion of a curvier figure for those who don’t have a defined waist.

As an apple shaped plus size girl, I’m tempted to try the last one, but I know in the end I should stick with subtle ruffle details like on the peach t shirt or green cardigan.