Spring arrivals at Lane Bryant

In Fashion on March 29, 2010 at 12:15 am

Lane Bryant is one of my fav plus size stores in the US. It’s my first stop and sometimes only stop at the Bangor or Maine mall. I spend hours on their website deciding what I’d like to try and often bring a print out to the store. I always try to get there shortly after it opens and I make it a point to let the clerks know I’m from away and mean business with my fashion. It usually takes 2 hours and I often spend $250 or more. The funny thing is that I’ve been mistaken for a clerk nearly every time and have been offered a job more than once.
Spring outfits are showing up on the website and although I won’t get to shop there for at least a month or so, here are two outfits that I really like:

I like this outfit both for the colours and the cut of the clothes. Bright pink and grey are a great combo and can pair with many other items. The gentle gathers on the blouse and full hip and arm cut are very appealing. The pants are full cut and will work all seasons.

This cardigan is exactly the style I love, flyaways are so comfy yet look polished. Crops of this length are useful now, wearing them will tall boots and then into summer with sandals.

  1. The hot pink on that blouse is fierce! And I enjoy the scoop on the flyaway cardigan – that’s a great cut, and would look so nice for work.

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