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No Mare, they aren’t cute – aka the skinny jean (or any tapered pair of trousers)

In Fashion, fashion faux pas on August 10, 2009 at 7:03 pm


Doing a quick internet image search on tapered leg pants made me feel rather ill earlier this afternoon.  The advent of the skinny jean this past fall has brought back a whole world of fugly amongst celebs, teens and early 20 somethings. It’s one thing to see them day in and day out when you work in a high school of 1200 students.  But as one approaches their 30s, there are certain fashion trends that shouldn’t be kept or even adopted in the first place.  Any form of tapered leg pant is a no no for either guys or girls.  Every figure type looks bad in this trend, no matter how slim they are. The cut is often too high or too low waisted, causes the hips to look so much wider than they are and can make knees and thighs look unattractive and/or out of proportion.  Pants should not taper after the knee; they should continue at the same width to create a long lean line to the leg.  This isn’t to say everyone should wear wide leg pants, but a straight cut

is so much more flattering even on slim, petite figures.   So just say no to skinny jeans, no matter how cute you think they would look tucked into high boots.