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Mad Men Style

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AMC’s Mad Men ranks among my top 5 TV shows. Besides the engaging storyline and characters, I absolutely love the costume design! And while I’ve never been accused of being a girly-girl, it is refreshing to see stylish women wearing full skirts and dresses. This year’s designers have no doubt been inspired by the show, just take a look at the following Fall 2010 Louis Vuitton Ads
Tweed, lace, and velvet in earth tones and beautiful prints. Will you be any of these vintage looks to your fall wardrobe?


Getting ready for back to school

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So much has happened since I last posted on this blog. Moving into an uptown condo has been stressful but I absolutely love it here, so it was worth the hassle. Less than 2 weeks left of summer vacation and I do feel like I’m ready to go back. I’m in a new position this fall: head of the math dept. for the first semester as the current head is on deferred leave. I’m excited to put to work my leadership skills and to have a more formal position within the school administration. I’m also hoping to be able to post here on a more regular basis; the next few days will be busy as I’ve had some posts swimming around in my head for a while ūüôā
As a side note this summer’s go to white wine has been the Hardy’s Stamp of Australia Riesling Gew√ľrztraminer. It has a light crisp taste and has been great for the warm afternoons and evenings we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy this summer!

Back to work today

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I went back to work today after a very restful summer holiday. ¬†I think its the first time I’ve been off the entire summer since I was 15. ¬†I loved it and was glad to go back today. ¬†It was great to see everyone and I’m pleased with my course assignment.

Because this was a new beginning I also decided that it was about time to take better care of myself and work towards becoming a healthy individual. ¬†Last night I enjoyed myself at book club with the great food and wine but today is the beginning of the cleanse. ¬†I’m on a strict but healthy meal plan for at least 2 weeks and have decided that I will not have any alcohol until my birthday (Sept 24th). ¬†So as you can imagine there will be far less spirits reviews in the next few weeks. ¬†On my birthday (or maybe the day or so afterwards as its midweek) I do intend to enjoy a more expensive bottle of wine, so I am looking for suggestions.

Payless BOGO Buys

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I was out this morning buying wedding and birthday gifts and noticed the BOGO sign in payless.  Bi-annual BOGO sales at payless are a hit or miss adventure for me, as I rarely love the style and fit of 2 pairs from this discount chain.  But today the retail gods blessed me with 2 fun and comfy styles to add to my wardrobe.


Pair #1 – American Eagle pointy toe kitten heel that fits like a dream. ¬†I took a 7.5B and my entire foot is comfy, lots of room across the ball of the foot and hardly notice that the little kitten heel is there at all. ¬†I’m wearing it to a wedding today and I love that it gives the leg a long look without a high heel. ¬†It’ll be cute with tights and trouser socks too!

Pair #2 – Preppy moc in patent leather with silver chain detail. ¬†Have been looking for a great pair of patent black flats and these feel like slippers! ¬†I know I’ll¬†wearmocthem every week this fall. ¬†I’m now on the hunt for some preppy argyle socks ūüôā

Price point was great with the BOGO, I spent less than $70 including tax for both pairs!  Will you be checking out payless this week?

A working girl needs shoes

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I used to have a slight obsession with shoes. ¬†In high school and early university my shoe size was a 6-6.5. ¬†This meant that all major shoe sales would have dozens of stock left in my size. ¬†I remember one trip to the mall in f’ton where I bought 8 pairs that evening. ¬†I was challenged by a co-worker during one of my summer jobs for each of us to wear a different pair of shoes every day for the entire summer. ¬†She only lasted 3 weeks ūüôā ¬†It probably helped that the summer job I had the previous summer was at a higher end shoe store where I bought at least one pair each and every pay cheque.

Close to the end of university while packing shoes up from one apt to another in f’ton, future hubby realized that I had over 100 pairs. ¬†By this point my weight had changed and thus my shoe size went to a 7W-7.5W. ¬†We donated the majority of the shoes and I have had to be a bit more discerning when shopping for my footwear. ¬†Work shoes are a particular issue for me, as I cannot wear heels to teach my 4 classes a day.

Comfort is #1 but style is also important. ¬†My first go to brand for work shoes is Clarks. ¬†They make good quality shoes and the soles have cushion support. ¬†Here are the styles I’m looking forward to seeing in our SJ stores:


Coat quest completed!

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Mom, B and I took an impromptu shopping trip to Moncton on Monday. Monkeytown is still has the best retail in NB even though we’ve got many of the same stores. They have more stock, seem to get it in faster and sometimes get items that SJ never gets. Plus there’s Costco and the lunch/supper possibilities of the Keg, St Hubert, and El Stoppo Grande (aka the Silver Fox Irving Big Stop).

So I got the trench that I saw online.  They had just gotten it in that morning.  The love the fit, the length and the fabric does not feel like a garbage bag.


I also got the black with white trim 3 in 1 which is shorter than last year’s jacket. ¬†But the fleece liner zipped out nicely and have been wearing the shell for the past few days. ¬†There is a hood that zips into the collar.

Brown pants and also brown cords that are not on the website.  The cords need to be hemmed.

Brown argyle fooler and 2 tshirts in the fooler style (one in black and pink, the other in royal blue).


Mom also found a coat and some black pants.  All in all, it was a major shopping success!

It’s the last week of summer vacation and I might need this…

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Fresh fall looks: cardigan and pencil skirt

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Looking at the fashion magazines and blogs, fall styles are everywhere. ¬†The stores are slowly getting their annual stock of sweaters, cords and boots. ¬†Here is a look that I’ve seen that I think can work on a variety of body types:



Old Navy Plus                     Banana Republic

Cardigans are a fall staple, but this year I’m really loving the lengths available and the extra embellishments. Pencil skirts can be very figure flattering. ¬†The best skirts will drape nicely, skimming off the hips easily and falling either just above or just below the knee. ¬†Tailoring is important to fit your waist and to get the desired length. ¬†Choosing a neutral colour (black, brown, khaki, navy and even grey) should provide maximum outfit potential. ¬†I also wanted to point out the use of peep toe shoes in the pics, they seem to be in for fall and although I like the look, I’ve found that they just don’t look right on my wide width toes. Those with more slender feet should give them a try, but please don’t wear hose with them!

Other great blogs: If The Lamp Shade Fits

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Since beginning this blog, I’ve been checking out other fashion blogs and have come across some absolute gems. ¬†The best today is from If The Lamp Shade Fits, a decor and fashion blog who wrote the most hilariously accurate description of the current old navy jean styles:

“… don’t you love how the fit names trace the “progression” of a woman’s life? Teen “diva” attitude, twenties bar-hopping “flirt,” the “sweetheart” who married her guy and birthed the obligatory 2.3, and, lastly, the menopausal schlump who can only “dream” of a time 3 decades past when her gut didn’t require spandex restraints.”

Last night’s wine: Pelee Island Merlot 2007

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16_Merlot (Bird)After entertaining the extended family all weekend, it was nice to kick back last night and have some peace and quiet. We picked up a few bottles at the ANBL on Sat and last night we opened the Pelee Island Merlot 2007. I was really impressed. Most of the reds that I’ve enjoyed lately have been shiraz and this smooth merlot was a welcome change. The first glass was good, but it definitely opened up ¬†as the night wore on. Cherry and black currant sweetness with a silky finish. ¬†Pelee Island is an Ontario winery and I’m looking forward to trying their Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir.